What's Northern Elite Fitness?

Who am I?  


My name is Jeff Henderson, but feel free to call me Hendo. I'm a certified personal trainer through BCRPA. I was born and raised in Nova Scotia where I spent 19 years before moving to Ontario. I joined the Royal Canadian Navy and moved to Vancouver Island after my training was complete. I served for 4 years and decided I needed to leave that life behind, and go after what I was truly passionate about. Being in the military allowed me to see some really interesting places that I probably never would have seen on my own. However, no matter where I went I was always happy to come back home, to Victoria B.C. I plan on staying here and growing my personal training business and helping each and every one of you reach your fullest potential.


Every Sunday, my bestie Sam (Samantha) and I are out on the trails of this beautiful Island hiking in whatever weather mother nature decides to throw our way. Staying fit and active is my passion and getting the opportunity to help people become the healthiest version of themselves is a blessing. If you ever want a hiking partner feel free to join us anytime, we are always down to meet new people and four-legged friends. We try and do a different hike each week and I post them on my Instagram account @northern_efitness each Sunday. Better known as our SundayFunday!


I practice what I preach and I'm big on being active and getting my steps in every day to ensure I live a healthy lifestyle. I don't follow fad diets or count my calories but what I do is track my weight every morning so I'm aware of how my body is adjusting to my current fitness routine. I eat a bit less and/or exercise more to lose body fat and I eat a bit more if I want to gain muscle. Working out and staying healthy doesn't have to be hard and I believe looking at it as a lifelong journey is the best way to stay in shape all year long.     


An hour workout is only 4.16% of your day, 3 days per week, 1.78% of your week. You can workout at home, outside, or in a gym. Whenever or wherever you decide to workout, I will ensure you get the best experience possible in the time you have available.


Northern Elite Fitness (NEF) offers its clients a rewarding and beneficial experience. I believe everyone deserves to be rewarded for their hard work, discipline, and determination. That's why at Northern Elite Fitness (NEF) it pays to be fit, literally. Setting goals and reaching them should not only make you feel proud and confident in yourself but should also help your bank account. Taking care of your health is just as important as preparing for your financial future. It's an investment that will be with you for the rest of your life. We don't pay for the price of good health; we thoroughly enjoy the price. NEF will take you to your own individual elite level. Some people desire to become the best they can be, others set goals, or just want to maintain their fitness level. No matter your vision, your goals become mine, and I only succeed when you do.     



Personal Training


Set a short, medium, and long-term goal and when they're reached you receive free sessions. When you conquer your short-term goal you receive 1 free session. Once you reach your medium-term goal you will receive 2 free sessions, and 3 free sessions once your long-term goal is accomplished. Sessions are tailored to your specific needs and wants. 


Short-term is 6 months or less. Medium-term is 6-12 months. Long-term is 1+ years.






Victoria, B.C.  |  northernelitefitness@gmail.com   |  250.208.1821